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Photo restorations or reconstructions

Restoring a photo can sometimes be as much of a reconstruction than a restoration.

Working through these two restorations much reconstruction had to be done. Visually they work very well. If you are wondering why I’ve not described the restoration processes in these two images this post its just a show and tell and I’m working on some video Tutorials with a publisher as we speak so they should be live in the new year and i can tell you all about them then! Note: These can now be found  our photo restoration courses online blog post.

In the mean time the owners of these photos were very happy indeed. If you want to see a smile on someones face, why not get an image restored, they make great presents and even the tricky ones can be brought back to life. Get in touch! Or ask a question in the comments box below.


Old Polaroid Photo Restored

This old Polaroid was ready for the bin, certainly not a frame. Now its as good as new!

Old boating photo restored

With a replacement sky and some image reconstruction this old boating photo is ready for the wall again.

If you have tricky restoration I’m sure I can help. Currently with the busy festive season looming, its best to get in touch with us in advance to ensure we have time to restore badly damaged images such as these! For advice on emailing your orders and scanning see scanning and saving your photo for restoration.

I have many other help articles if you get stuck or need some advice.

Photo restoration money off and free print

The following offer has been extended to give you continuing value for money!

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Order one or more Grade 3 restoration and a print, and get one 10×8* inch print Free and £5 off!

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* Subject to the condition and size of the original photo

 see our current photo restoration offer

Photo repair – scanning with an all in one.

With the cost of living ever increasing electronics manufacturers are more than happy to produce ever cheaper equipment for our everyday needs. Cheap printer, scanner, copiers are everywhere these days, even in your local village supermarket. This is where the trouble starts. They do seem like a bargain don’t they? All that functionality for under £40 pounds!

STOP. If you are thinking of buying this to scan in your family photos for archiving them and restoration when you have the time or when you can afford a photo restoration service then please take my advice, think again. Why? The optics on these devices are designed for everyday scanning and printing. When scanning an image to produce a high resolution file for restoration, the software and optics together often produce a “fluffy” scan.

Let me explain. On an original photo, take a look at the dark and light areas between two objects or surfaces; say a dark door and light wall, or the rim of someone’s spectacles against their pale skin. The edge between the two is sharp and straight. Now scan it on your new scanner copier printer and blow up that section, it’s now a fluffy line with little definition. If you then save it with medium to heavy JPEG compression, this will only go further to destroying what little detail is left.

image with bad edge definition

What is happening is the substandard optical glass in the scanner is being supplemented with software interpolation.  As the optics are not up to scratch to give a good, high resolution scan, so the accompanying software is adding in pixels to make the scan bigger. Two wrongs don’t make a right, one just makes the other worse.

Does it really matter? Well if you try to make a perfect circle from Lego bricks, it is very hard to do. When a face needs rebuilding in a restoration and the only pieces are “fluffy” edged, then it is very hard to restore and much better result can be obtained from a high quality scanner. Better to make a good scan from a professional scanner and spend less time restoring it. If you are using me to restore your photos then it will cost less if it takes less time.

If want to read further advice on saving and scanning see saving your image correctly

Image-Restore for fixing your photos

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