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Retouching eyes

Retouching eyes is a way to improve a portrait. This is a technique I picked up along the photo restoration and retouching road.

Retouching eyes

Above are some eyes from a portrait from Michael Herb at 204Studios. They have a round studio flash reflected in them. Some say this is attractive and softens the eyes but this is a matter of opinion. Maybe you want to add your own reflection in the eye that suits your style? I have included a layers snap shot of a process to change them.

Retouching eyes layers pallete

The bottom layer has the reflection removed. The layer above “whites”, is a soft white brush sprayed in the whites of the eye and then reduced in opacity and masked. this softens the whites.

The “reflection” layer is a single dab of white masked to make a triangular shaped reflection.

Above that is a small white dot, which simulates the main point of light.

Next up is a colour layer to add more of a warm hue to eyes with the centre pupil masked out.

Finally a splash of red also reduced on opacity in the corners of the eyes to remove the grey look and warm up the eyes some more.

The very top layer is just the original so we can refer back to it to see the changes we made.

Retouching eyes complete

You then set about retouching the face and skin in your usual way. I hope this retouching eyes article helped you.


Photo retouching a portrait

Photo retouching a portrait or fashion shot. If you need  a portrait  to have punch and depth its a good idea to clean up any distracting highlights or shadows to keep focus on the center of interest. Add some depth of field to give a long lens look which also emphasizes the main focal point. Most fashion is shot with a long lens to compress the facial features which gives a more flattering look. Wide angle lenses tend to emphasize noses and other unwanted protrusions. Once the main clean up is done the retouching the portrait can be carried out, smoothing skin and tone and shaping if need be. The final stage would be add the drama to the shot by creating and HDR look or high contrast black and white or other proven technique.

My take on a HDR style portrait and portrait retouch. Many thanks to Kenzins1977 for the image.

Portrait retouching

Portrait retouching with drama and depth of field

Notes: Portrait Retouched. Skin and reshaped nose, brightened eyes, lightened face, darkened image, made HDR style, dodged and burned to enhance drama, added depth of field to simulate a longer lens.

Portrait retouching

Drama added with depth of field and HDR style processing

Photo retouching

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