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Photo restoration editor’s pick

5 popular and useful posts.

My photo restoration blog is growing all the time and sometimes too much to read all at once, for convenience I have collated 5 popular and useful posts.


1: In digital photo restoration there are many tools an artist can use to help with their craft. Restoring a digital photo is sometimes very challenging but restoring an original is something else altogether, read here Can you restore an original?


2: One of the most exciting aspects of photo restoration is surprise. You are never sure what you are going to restore next and this photo of a  1900,s Unicycle record is one which ill never forget and had a great story to go with it too!


3: Sometimes images come nearly as long as i am tall! These are normally panorama images, for some examples check out the post Can panorama images be restored?


4: Everyone likes to wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed but what if your eye photos did not turn out as you wanted them, you could try the retouching eyes post.


5: If all of this sounds like something you could do, you could find out how to get started in photo restoration by reading how to start in photo restoration




Photo restoration video tutorial matching grain

Hello everyone, continuing with the basic skills photo restoration tutorials, I have another here which touches upon matching the grain within a photo when replacing a background. You can read more about this topic in the matching grain blog post.

Remember though only replace the background if you have to! The original one restored, will look far more convincing than one you made up yourself.

Photo Restoration Video Tutorials – Selection

The first in a series of short, basic skills, video tutorials of some of my photo restoration techniques. This should make it easier to see how these photo restoration techniques are done and easier to learn.

The first is a video tutorial on the importance of selection, selecting and cloning up to your selection to avoid sharp edges and blend in with natural sharpness or softness of the image.

Sorry the sound is a bit quiet

If you want to read a written post on the importance of selection you can at this link. Photo restoration and the importance of selection.


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