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Using patch versus content aware patch

I just spotted a video on, a very reliable on line resource for learning. It describes using the “patch” tool as a useful tool for repairing scratches, tears and damage.


There is no doubt this tool is a great tool. In this case i feel that using something just because its there, is not always a good idea.


The video suggests you let the “content aware” algorithm do the work for you. Setting the parameters from “very loose” to “very strict.” I tried this with one of my images with damage and each and every parameter tested gave me a poor result, where the patched damage took a darker tone. See the first video below for how Bryan suggest it should work.

Fixing rips and creases by Bryan O’Neil Hughes

When i used the standard method of the patch it worked better in every case. Feel free to use the Lynda method but I would suggest using just the patch on its own. I am sure that Bryan O’Neil Hughes was just trying to show us that there are other methods to use but sometimes leaving it alone is just as good. Here is my quick test to explain why i have never use this option.

Fixing rips and creases by Neil Rhodes


I am sure that content aware patch has its place but i could not get it to work on my image and never use it. Sure i use content aware occasionally but even then and more often than not i have to correct it.

Cricketing nostalgia where is this?

Some photo restoration projects take longer than others. This cricketing photo in the United Kingdom took longer than most but where is it? Can you help me identify where in the UK this is?


Cricketing scene United Kingdom but when? and where?

Cricketing scene United Kingdom but when? and where?

My skills in dating a photo and finding its whereabouts are not very good but here’s what i can deduce.

The terrain seems very flat into the distance. One of the tents has WCC written on it, or at least that’s what it looks like. All the chaps have fat moustaches. There are some very uniques buildings in the background. see picture

Cricketing scene United Kingdom but when? and where? Clues...

Cricketing scene United Kingdom but when? and where? Clues…

1. Tiles with stripes! This must have been a feature, can’t be many houses like this?

2. Octagonal outbuilding with three chimneys possibly four. Was this a furnace? or building used to heat water? looks like a sturdy structure could be still standing?

3. The large house in the center. Are those windows Gothic Arch windows? Very distinctive. This building could still be there?


Photos are often dated by hair styles, facial hair, clothes, caps etc, but can they tell you where  picture was taken?


If there is anyone that has any ideas please comment, as it’s all still a mystery to me.

Thank you.

Bleached colour repair and restore

Photos that I restore the most are be those that have faded. Simple fades are simple to correct. Just a quick adjustment of the levels or a quick burn in with dodge and burn tools. Complex fades like the one below are not so simple.

This image could not be colour corrected by tweaking the colours, in stead it had to be converted to black and white, restored and then coloured. You may have seen similar posts by me before on this but each one presents different challenges.

Bleached photo restore and colour

Bleached photo restore and colour

In this case the fades were corrected by multiple layers using “apply image”. Each layer was dropped on the next and masked in tighter to build back the tones. I had to stop when things started to look too gray. It then became evident the image need more contrast but this introduced more bleaching, so more masking. Once the exposure was looking ok, it was treated as any other restoration and the coloured using my colouring technique.

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