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Its quality not quantity

Some of you may have noticed a slow down in blog posts recently. I have been concentrating on quality not quantity of posts. Rather than churn out photo restoration articles with thin, pointless content, I am taking the slow approach to ensure that each one covers new aspects or expands on others. This way the value of the blog does not suffer. This approach is also a good one to take with photo restoration, take is slow and steady, rushing just blinds you with wanting to see that end result without concentrating on all the processes along the way.

Preparation – ensure both scanner and image are clean, decide the best resolution for the final reproduction, whether to scan with pre-set optimum settings or create a custom scan curve for any particular image.

Restoration – restore fades, correct colour balance, enhance tones, repair scratches and dust, cracks and rips and clean up the back ground. Sharpen using one of many methods and re-size file for different printing sizes.

Completion –  Choose print finish, whether to add a border, sepia tone or keep original colours or hand color the whole image.

There are many processes involved, its better to get them all right and then the quality of work remains constant.

So whilst there is a slow down in blog posts be assured those that will follow will be of the quality of those before.


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