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Desaturate to restore an old photo. Quick Tip


To restore a old black and white photos don’t feel you have to struggle with restoring around or trying to match varying, uneven color casts.


Often the old photos will have stained or taken on a brownish colour, in uneven patches. You can use either the “to black and white” or “desaturate” our “mode/ grey scale”to turn all those nasty stains or discolorations to black and white. This way your photo will be easier to restore. Afterwards you can add back any tint or preferable colour cast.


Adding back the tint is super easy and can be done in a variety of ways. For three ways to do this see three ways to turn a three ways to tint a photo


Just a quick mini blog post to start the year!

Christmas caption competition

Can you help us caption caption this festive image? What is Mr chicken thinking? Is there a tale to tell here? …

Caption this!

Can you caption this photo?

Please leave you caption ideas in the comments. We’ll pick the best one to put on the image to show off the winners brilliance! :)

Here is the same photo but showing its construction process


Football boots of 1870-1910

Over recent years I have restored many football photos and the oldest of which captivate me. Not because i am a sports fan but because i enjoy the footwear and clothes. Football boots interest me in the way they change design. Below are a few of the designs Ive found in the photos Ive restored from 1870 to 1910.

Football boots during 1870 1910

Football boots during 1870-1910


Notably A and D have small metal studs, in three distinct rows, probably hammered in. E and F are the stud bar type, two on the front part of the foot and one on the heel.


B has what looks like the popular “stud” we know and love and G is a curious toe wrapping which I’m not sure what is supposed to achieve. Perhaps that the boots sole was coming away and was a quick repair to hold them together. Leather wasn’t cheap I’m sure.


Any one who has any input about football boots and how they evolved please feel free to comment

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