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Photo restoration drawing curves with a pen or mouse

Today i just wanted to show you the differences between drawing curves with a mouse or a tablet and pen.



I hope this show you that its worth grabbing a tablet and pen as soon as you can. It will take some getting used to and it may seem you never will get used to it at all if you dont give it long enough. Took me 2 – 3 days before i was at home with it and that was back in 2011 when i researched getting my tablet for photo restoration Search the web and grab a much needed tool to excel at your craft.

So you set yourself up as a photo restoration business

So you set yourself up as a photo restoration business and you have photo restoration business plan but did you get a specific bank account to go with your new business?

Photo Printing

Banking for photo restoration

I’m not on for harping on what you should and should not do with your money but i recently changed my business banking. Why?¬† it was time for a change. The most significant observation was when it came to insert “what your business is” into the relevant drop down box.

When I applied to business banking way back when it had be filed under “photographic services” there was no option for “Photo retoucher”. Well this time around the option was there and not only a photo retoucher but a combination of photo restoration and retouching! It amazed me as this occupation has obviously got so popular they even have a business banking category for it!

To all you fellow restoration artists and retouchers out there we now have a place in the system! It may be bad thing for some but now i feel whole. Im no longer a floater of trades in no set niche!

Photo Restoration Hampshire UK

This is just a short message to you all where we are, as I’m not sure it is obvious enough !

photo restoration hampshire is based in leafy Hampshire in the UK. We offer a full range of retouching solutions. Photo restoration of old photos and Wedding retouching for wedding photographers and Photo retouching for commercial, magazines and agencies.

From Hampshire our customers stretch around the UK to Ireland with international customers  across the seas.

Just a heads up its no problem for you guys across the pond we can work with digital files and email them back retouched and restored to you to print as you wish.

Do browse the site and see what we can offer.

We hope to hear from you soon!








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