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Retro film slides scanned 1990

Sometimes things turn up when you least expect them such as these slides from 1990 i found in my collection. Retro colour slide film. Some gritty images in a low income area, shot in a butchers shop.

Retro slide film Ektachrome 100 ASA Colour

Retro slide film Ektachrome 100 ASA Colour

In this case no photo restoration was needed. Just a quick scan for some gritty, charcoal blacks and that slide film character. Just thought id share them, i found them spooky, what do you think?

A photo restoration milestone

Dear All

We have now received 400 photo restoration reviews!

We have now received 400 photo restoration reviews!

There comes a time in everyone’s life where a milestone is reached. Well i wanted share this one with you all. Today we received our 400th positive review on the The Free index is a Free Business Directory that want nothing else than to help small businesses get known by helping customers write, true and heart felt reviews. Without you my customers and the Freeindex as a team I would not have so many great reviews. See all our reviews here image-restore photo restoration reviews

Thank you all!


Photo restoration some basic techniques

To perform any photo restoration basic techniques are essential. Understanding how to make something look un-restored is what photo restoration is all about.

Edges / selection.

When anything is moved or copied over you should match the edges. When you are selecting something new to insert into an image you should match the edges. Matching edge definition is my number one tip. Edge selection video.

Matching grain.

If you are inserting anything into an image especially skies, match both the edge definition and the grain. Old images have natural random grain that doesn’t mix that well with flat computer generated tones. Skies will look fake and nasty. If inserted with bad selection they will look even more amateurish. Matching grain video

Don’t take short cuts

Taking short cuts with photo restoration is very tempting. Do it quick and make a fast buck! Do this this and it will come back to bite you! Initially you may benefit by making fast money but as soon as your techniques are exposed by some simple image brightening your reputation will plummet through the floor and you will soon be out of pocket. Don’t take shortcuts with photo restoration

Make it real – do no make it up!

Inventing detail or making up obviously fake bits of the image doesn’t make a “restoration”. What makes the restoration is genuinely thinking about the restore and what should be filling those missing pieces. We don’t want smooth edges when they should be sharp, or smooth textures when they should be grainy or nasty cloning. We need to see nothing, no obvious signs of restoration anywhere. Carefully matched grain, no “invented” details and artistic interpretations of what should be there. Restoring a photo with a natural eye.

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