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Photo Restoration Enhancing the tones quick tip

Boosting the black and adding punch

Boosting the black and adding punch

Ok so have the images restored and they look great but they are a little flat in tone.

A great trick for enhancing the blacks and making a great contrast to the highlights to finish if the photo repair is to add a separate adjustment layer for colour balance. Convert your image to RGB

In this layer adjust the shadows so that they appear tinted slightly with blue. So add around 10-15 blue and 10-15 cyan on the sliders.

Now switch over to the highlights and warm them up, so use the sliders to add around 10-15 red and 10-30 yellow.

Now take a look at the before and after. It jumps out at you now doesn’t it! You can of course tone down this effect by adjusting the opacity of the layer in your layers palette.

Subtlety is the key as always when you want to achieve a convincing photo repair.


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