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Photo restoration money off and free print

The following offer has been extended to give you continuing value for money!

£5 off and FREE 10×8 inch print with any Grade 3 restoration

Order one or more Grade 3 restoration and a print, and get one 10×8* inch print Free and £5 off!

Quote this order code G31085OFF when ordering.

Valid till 13 of April 2010

* Subject to the condition and size of the original photo

 see our current photo restoration offer

Photo restoration and repair keep it in the UK

Photo restorations on line are easy to come by and when it comes to buying I have always bought local wherever possible, but it is easy to shop on-line isn’t it? Web shopping has one drawback, it is not always easy to tell if the company is using UK labor. Before you log on to order on-line, check whether the labor used is in the UK. If it is not obvious the likelihood is it’s foreign. Just because it’s a high street chain you grew up with a and regularly shop with, you may find if you ask enough questions, the labor is farmed to foreign, low wage companies.

As a result UK businesses want your custom even more and go out of their way to provide the best service and quality of work, so why not use them.

Why go miles in the car for a “cheap service”, when you add up the costs of mileage and shoddy workmanship, it costs more than a local, quality service. Support your local businesses or they may not be there to help you in the future. The jobs will disappear and the economic infrastructure of your local area will crumble.

As the financial climate changes and the UK economy suffers and prices rise it is more important than ever to remember you should support your UK Photo Restoration services. Without your support local UK companies can and do suffer.

If you want your local services to continue to serve you, use them! Consider what would happen to our lives without those services and if we continue to use facilities and labor abroad.

We urge you to Keep It Local and buy UK based Photo Restoration services.

For the those of you that have read down this far, as a special incentive to keep photo restorations local and in the UK here is our latest photo restoration offer


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