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Photo restoration news and updates

Hi all

If you are wondering why things have been quite here, you’d be right they have been. I have been busy with The West Surrey Family History Fair. First off getting ready with new printed display materials and planning the stand and then the show itself. It was a great turn out and everyone who stopped by had nothing but praise for the work on show. Those regular readers will note I’ve also teamed up with Your Family History Magazine and have a feature in their Christmas Edition. I think you can pick up a copy from the first of December in any good newsagents.

The Christmas season has just hit and the Wacom tablet and pen will be on fire for the next 7 weeks or so. Recent restoration jobs have been a very small tintype not the “tintype story” I wrote a blog post on but another I picked up at the show. This year is still bringing up surprises, more images stuck to glass than ever, more water damaged images than before and more people struggling with their scanners but I’m always happy to direct them to my scanning and saving guide. Thousands of files and images restored this year and its not even over yet! Keeping up with the social media and blogging during this time is always tricky. You can follow me on twitter @PhotoRepair or stop by the Photo Restoration Facebook Page

Ive been very busy with the wedding retouching too thanks to some very nice folks from different corners of the globe, where i’ve taken over their retouching for them.

All in all I’ve got plenty to be getting on with, so don’t despair go back through the blog and see what interesting tips, tricks and stories you can find.



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