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Printing Prices and Sizes

A list of costs for your photo restoration reprints.  We only ship prints to UK addresses.

Print size and price guide

Print size and price guide

6×4 7×5 8×6 10×8 12×8 12×10 16×12 20×16 30×20
£1.00 £1.50 £2.50 £4.50 £5.00 £7..00 £13.00 £20.50 £29.00

Lab or chemical prints are still unsurpassed when it comes to making the best prints for digital restorations. Unsurprisingly the popularity of this type of printing is  high.

Print time scales: We post to you around 4-6 working days, from the time you have paid for your order.  For speed you can opt to print yourself with a “digital only” order where you send in a scan to be restored.

It’s a good idea to get a print with your restoration.

We do offer one free print of 6×4 inches with your “restoration and print order”, but you will no doubt want a spare or an enlargement, the below guide will help you choose.

Note: Restorations are priced for the amount restoration work per image. This does not include a print in the price. Many customers only require a digital file order. If you order a restoration and you order any print you will receive a 6×4 inch print free.

Images on a CD £2

If you require your digital images you can get them on a Disc just add £2 (normally Sony brand) to your total and don’t forget to request this service

Semi Matt or Glossy please specify when ordering.

Prints dimensions are in inches.

USEFUL TIP – if ordering a larger size over 10×8 go for semi-matt finish as it marks less and your less likely to get thumb prints on it when you try to frame it!