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Photo Repair - Restore a damaged photo with pieces missing

Repair the photo and add in the missing pieces

Most images will benefit from some kind of clean up. Even if its just to repair an old photograph or remove distracting objects or shadows that interfere with a flowing composition. This kind of work can be a simple repair of a few nicks and scratches to completely renovate and rejuvenate a photograph even when it has been torn up and stuck with old tape.

The image to the right has been cleansed and restored with some missing parts of the image carefully reconstructed whilst paying special attention to the original look and feel of the photo. It should be restored as if it has never been damaged in the first place. No evidence of the restoration should be visible. This is the sign of a good photo restoration. Read how this torn photo was restored.

"The 9x10 original photo ( a group of approx 80 soldiers) had been torn into four and as a result some detail was missing or only partially available. The restoration was so good that not only were superb 9x10 photos produced but also 30 inch blow ups from which you would never guess the state of the original - absolutely perfect!" star_fullstar_fullstar_fullstar_fullstar_full 5 out of 5 - Gary Powell

Tattered and Torn Photo Restoration
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Examples of restoring old photos Cleanse and Restore Repair creased and folded photo Restore an old Photograph Tatterd and Torn Removing Distractions Restoring a cracked and flaky photo Restoring water damaged photos

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