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Old photos can hold some of our most precious memories, but over time they can become damaged or fade away.
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Absolutely incredible work! I’ve been bowled over by the quality and speed of Neil’s work and I’m so grateful. I cannot recommend Image Restore enough and I’m already looking for more photos to send over.
Elisha G.      

Using the latest digital restoration techniques, we can restore any torn, damaged or faded photo to its original condition.
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We can digitally apply historically accurate colours to old black and white prints to produce stunning natural-looking results.
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Want to remove unwanted distractions, combine elements from different scenes, or receive a full digital makeover?
The only limit is your imagination!

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Neil Rhodes founder of

Hi, I’m Neil
Founder of Image Restore

Based in Hampshire, England, I have been helping people digitally restore their photo archives for over 20 years.

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

  • Over 20 years of photo restoration experience
  • Thousands of satisfied customers
  • Fast, friendly service
  • Prices from just £9
  • We never alter or harm your original photos 
  • We use Fuji Chrystal Archive Paper for all reprints, providing 100 years of fade resistance.

or call for FREE advice: 01420 473624
(Mon-Fri 9am-5.30pm / Sat 9am-1pm GMT) 

Need more info? try our Frequently Asked Questions

Over 1000 positive customer reviews speak for themselves!

Neil did the most beautiful restoration, he carefully maintained the character of the face and knew perfectly how much to do and how much to leave alone. Also amazingly fast and affordable, I could hardly believe it!

Sarah Tibbatts

15th January 2022 – Google

I had found very small black and white photograph of my grandfather which I wanted restored and colourised. The final product was amazing. I never knew my grandfather for long as he died when I was very young, but this photograph shows me what he looked like from almost 100 years ago. I would absolutely recommend this service.


15th January 2022 – TrustPilot

I am delighted with the photo restoration service provided by Neil which I have used for a number of restorations. He has restored family photographs which were in such poor condition that I feared they were gone forever. Service is professional, quick and Neil will alter anything you are unhappy with. Thanks.

Sarah Brown

6th January 2022 – TrustPilot

I provided a last minute restoration job just before Christmas. Neil was quick to restore a damaged photo and provide prints in time to be used as presents. Very happy with the restoration, and the supplied prints on a short deadline. Pleased to recommend Neil’s services.


31st December 2021 – TrustPilot

I had a photo restoration carried out and it was excellent quality and I received it back quicker than expected.

Very happy

Mark Mitchell

15th December 2021 – TrustPilot

I have had 2 images restored by Neil at image restore and they have been absolutely amazing and made someone very happy with the high quality of the work and the fast turnaround!! Can highly recommend them as you won’t be disappointed!!

Daryll McEvoy

15th December 2021 – TrustPilot

Very impressed – Neil is the most technically competent person I dealt with in getting my photograph sorted out. Candid & straightforward to deal with, he was incredibly efficient and charged a very reasonable amount. He did a super job with a difficult photo. Highly recommended.

John D

15th December 2021 – TrustPilot

Really happy with photo. Brought a tired and faded image back to life. Considering it was December it arrived in plenty of time for Christmas. Would highly recommend. Thanks 😊

Mark Nolan

14th December 2021 – TrustPilot

Brilliant photo restoration. Excellent service, explanation very clear and concise, will definitely use again and recommend to friends.

Susan Richardson

14th December 2021 – TrustPilot

Restored my photo in no time. Great work and so quickly done. Very happy with the result and service.

Adrian Penrose

13th December 2021 – TrustPilot

Superb photo restoration service. Very prompt at responding, even quicker at turning this around upon instruction. From raising the initial query / request for a quote on the website, to being in receipt of the final restored image, was not only the same day, but around 2.5 hours in total. The quality was exceptional. Given the state the image was in (and what’s more this was a photo of a deteriorated, folded / creased, torn, marked, faded old photographic, taken using mobile phone), I had no idea it would be possible to return it to such former glory!


13th December 2021 – TrustPilot

I contacted Neil to restore a much loved photo of my father which had turned brown and had white splodges (a technical term of course) on it. He has done a first class job and I am delighted with the result. I heartily recommend him if you need to return a cherished photo to its former glory

Philipa Gillies

12th December 2021 – TrustPilot

I had three family photos that had become stained with watermarks whilst in their frames (condensation?) My son has used this service previously and so I sent them off to Neil who quickly contacted me with an estimate to restore. Received them back this week and wow! The detail and colour is amazing and if anything looks better than the originals. A great service, will definitely use again. The pictures were of great sentimental value being pre-digital and am so pleased they could be restored to their former glory!


11th December 2021 – TrustPilot

I contacted Neil to restore a much-loved photo of my father which had turned brown and had white splodges (a technical term of course) on it. He has done a first-class job and I am delighted with the result. I heartily recommend him if you need to return a cherished photo to its former glory

Philippa Gillies

12th December 2021 – TrustPilot

Neil did a truly amazing job. Firstly, he had a badly damaged portrait photo from me, which was creased, torn and damaged. It looked as good as new afterwards. Then a Victorian wedding photo from me that had been torn in half. It looked amazing when I got it back. You could see every fold of the silk dress of the bride. He is amazing and also cheaper than many of his competitors. He comes highly recommended by me and should be on Repair Shop shortly!

Helen Tippins

10th December 2021 – TrustPilot

Delighted with results of a very old damaged pic. This guy is a genius.


6th December 2021 – TrustPilot

The photo was beautifully restored.
Communication was excellent at each stage. I will certainly recommend Image-Restore to friends and use them again myself.

Josie Ford

3rd December 2021 – TrustPilot

Once again Neil has done an amazing job on restoring an old photo with some extra work I requested, resulting in a great photo for my Dad’s war medal collection display. I can’t thank him enough.

Jeanette Millard

29th November 2021 – Freeindex

Fantastic service from start to finish. Would have never believed such high-class restoration was possible. Would thoroughly recommend Neil for all your restoration needs.


25th November 2021 – TrustPilot

“Stunning job!
I found Neil’s business from an internet search and as his business was not far from me I visited him. He “repaired” a damaged photograph and produced three different sized photographs from the original. The end result is excellent and has brought back memories for my wife and I. How young we looked!

The service received from Neil was exemplary and once we find some more photographs that require Neil’s attention, we will be straight back to him!”

Terry Lorrring

17th November 2021 – TrustPilot

“1934 photo restored – recently contacted Photo Restoration Service regarding a small photo of my parent’s wedding , circa 1934. It was very dark and almost black in the bottom half. I was delighted in the completed reproduction. It looked as though it had been taken yesterday. Neil had colourised it, and details unseen on the old original, ie father holding his gloves, were clearly seen. I was a little nervous about sending the one and only original, but with instructions re packing etc all went well, and the new photos were despatched, together with the original, very quickly after payment was received by him. First Class service.”

Barbara Whitfield

16th November 2021 – TrustPilot

“Excellent service, great results
First time I have used a photo restoration service. Excellent service, great communication and I am very pleased with the results (I opted for online service only). I submitted three scans of photos with different problems and the restoration carried out by Neil is excellent.”

M Johnson

16th November 2021 – TrustPilot

Brilliant job I will be sending more photos for sure.

Robert Jackson

9th November 2021 – FreeIndex

“First Communion Picture -I sent a picture to Neil which was just short of 60 years old. All folds and wrinkles gone. A quick and efficient service with a lovely finished article. Thank you.”


7th November 2021 – TrustPilot

I sent a hundred-year-old photo to Image Restore. It was a group portrait with one of the significant family members having a crack on her face rendering her image almost unreadable. The resulting restoration made a huge difference. My only regret is that I didn’t ask for an enlargement but I am completely satisfied with the prints I have and commend Neil Rhodes for his efficient and excellent service.

Ronnie Patterson

6th November 2021 – FreeIndex

Fast, efficient, reliable.
Used the photo restoration service today and I was amazed by the speed of the process and also the quality.
Would highly recommend..

Iont Chiosa

26th October 2021 – TrustPilot

Brilliant, and v quick, photo restoration service. Neil removed multiple stains and creases to produce an image which is a marvellous improvement on the original. Highly recommended.


25th October 2021 – TrustPilot

Recently ordered from here as a present for my mum. Neil was great with excellent communication the whole way through. So happy with the final result of my image which also arrived really quickly. I would definitely recommend.

Clare Frank-Herbert

20th October 2021 – TrustPilot

Excellent service from start to finish, so professional. Really happy with the repaired photo, I would definitely recommend Neil.

Lyne Kelly

5th October 2021 – TrustPilot


Most online orders ready within 24h
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UK’s no. 1 photo restoration service


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Only pay once you’re satisfied
Prices start from just £9

We can fix just about anything!

Whether your photos have become creased torn, damaged by flood, stuck to their frame, or simply faded due to the passage of time, we can help! Below are just a few examples of the types of problems we can fix. Don’t throw away your cherished memories before speaking to us first. You’ll be amazed by the results we can achieve! See our Photo Repair and Restore page for more details.

Creases and tears
Even photos that have been completely torn or shredded can usually be put back together.

Water damage
Water damaged photos can be repaired by reconstructing stained areas and filling in missing details from other similar reference photos.

Missing fragments
Missing pieces of a photo can often be restored, either by painstakingly recreating missing elements from scratch, or by cloning and rebuilding detail from existing areas of the photo, or a similar photo. Either way, this type of restoration requires time and skill to achieve good results.

Tape marks
Sellotape seemed like a miracle invention for sticking photos back together. However, with time, the tape can dry out and damage the underlying photographic emulsion. These issues can usually be fixed with a variety of techniques.

Faces sometimes need retouching in both old photos and new. With old photos, paper grain, staining or other marks can easily ruin a face. With new photos, blemishes, shadows or wrinkles can detract from the intended result.

Flaked emulsion
Old board-based photos are very sensitive to moisture damage. If exposed to water then left to dry out, the surface emulsion of the photo can crack and flake off.

Light leakage
Film negatives can be severely damaged if light leaks into the camera or if exposed to light before they are developed. This type of damage can be tricky to repair, but we’ve been known to work wonders!

Faded colours
A badly faded photo can be digitally restored by painting in shadows and highlights to increase contrast. We can also colourise a black and white photo.

Silver nitrate contained in the chemicals used to develop very old black and white prints can show on the surface of dark areas as a shiny blue tint, sometimes obscuring details of the image.


Get your old photos professionally restored in 4 easy steps

1. Send us your photo

If you have a scanner at home, you can digitize your photo and send us the resulting file via our website. Alternatively, carefully package your originals and send them to us via Registered Mail.

Check out our super easy scanning guide

Upload your photo
Choose your photo

2. Confirm your order

We carefully review your photos and restoration requirements then send you a detailed quote for your approval. We’ll then get straight to work on your photo.

Have questions before you order?
Call for FREE advice: 01420 473624
(Mon-Fri 9am-5.30pm / Sat 9am-1pm GMT) 

3. Only pay once you are happy with the result

We’ll send a digital proof of your restored photo for your review and make any changes you request, if needed. Once you are happy with the result, we’ll send payment instructions.


  • Pay securely by credit card or PayPal
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • No hidden fees
Tintype photo restoration sample
payment cards

4. Receive your photo

Once we’ve received your payment, we’ll email your restored digital photo right away. If you requested prints, we’ll place your order with our professional print lab partner. We always quality check all prints before carefully packaging them and sending them back to you together with any originals you may have supplied to us.

All our reprints are produced using the Digital C-type process, the industry standard for high-quality professional prints from digital files

With Digital C-type printing, light-sensitive photographic paper is exposed using a digitally-controlled light source rather than a negative.

The second part of the process is then much the same as traditional photographic printing. The paper is developed in a chemical bath followed by a bleach fix then washed to remove the processing chemicals.

Our prints are produced using the very best machines on Fujicolor Crystal Archive Paper. This high quality archive-grade professional photographic paper ensures enhanced colour reproduction and exceptional image stability, with up to 100 years of fade resistance.

Quality checking your professional reprints.


How much will my photo restoration cost

Prices for digital restorations start at £9 but every photo restoration is different. We will assess your image for damage and how much that will cost. 

What payment methods do you take.

You pay with a card via a payment link or with a bank transfer.

Can I order prints?

Yes we can provide you with high quality professional prints  in a variety of sizes up to 45 inches check out our print prices. We always quality check all prints before carefully packaging them and sending them back to you together with any originals you may have supplied to us.

How long will it take?

Most restorations for single images can be done within 24 hours. If you ordered any prints these will be ordered when the proof has been approved and payment received. They take around 7 working days from the professional print lab.

What if I'm not happy with the result?

I offer all my clients a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Should your restored photo(s) not match your expectations, I will work with you to fix any issues until you are 100% happy. In the rare event that I am not able to meet your requirements, you will not be charged for the work. 

I do evaluate all requests before undertaking any work and reserve the right to refuse a project if I feel that I will be unable to achieve a satisfactory result.

In these cases, if you have provided me with original prints or negatives, all that I ask is that you cover the cost of returning your originals to you via Royal Mail Special Delivery.

Do you offer discounts for bulk orders?

Yes, discounts are based on assessing the images for restoration and the work required. We offer 5% discount for 10 or more photos and 10% for 50 or over.

Can I review my restored photo(s) before I pay?

Once your photo has been restored, an e-mail with a low-resolution watermarked “digital proof” will be sent for you to validate. If you are happy with the result, I will send you an invoice and payment instructions.

Do you accept orders from outside the UK?

I am happy to accept orders from around the world. However, due to the cost, risk, and potential delays associated with international postage services, I recommend that you do NOT send precious original prints by postal mail if you live outside of the UK. Instead, please obtain a high-resolution scan of your original photo and send the file to me by e-mail.

Consult our detailed scanning guide for instructions on how to scan your image properly for best results.

How do I scan my photos for restoration?

Scanning your originals is an important first step in the photo restoration process.

Refer to our 7-step scanning guide to ensure the best results. If you do not own a scanner then it is advisable to post your original photo to us. We’ll make a scan for you for the best possible restoration.

How fast can i get my photo restored?

For the fastest photo restoration, a digital file can be restored with 12 hours, or even the same day depending on my workload. For an extra fast restore, you can pay a FastTrack fee of £10 to jump ahead of the queue.

Explore our photo restoration blog for inspiration and more examples of our work

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Best photo restoration service award 2nd year running

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Harry Haddock Clyde FC photo restoration

Harry Haddock Clyde FC photo restoration

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