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Illustrating a book? Preparing a history exhibit? Restoring your family archive? We can help!

With our photo restoration services, we can digitally repair and restore your torn, damaged or faded photos, preserving them for future generations to enjoy.

Breathe new life into your old black and white prints with our photo colourizing service. We digitally apply historically accurate hues and tones to produce natural-looking results. 

Remove unwanted distractions and blemishes, combine elements from different scenes, or replace backgrounds. When it comes to photo retouching, the only limit is your imagination!

Think your photos are beyond repair? Think again!

Never throw away your cherished photographic memories without speaking to us first! We can digitally repair many types of damage and restore your photos to their original condition.

Creases & tears

We can restore most creased or folded images to their original condition. Even photos that have been completely torn or shredded can usually be put back together. For more details, see Restoring creases and folds with photo restoration.

Water damage

Water damaged photos can be repaired by reconstructing stained areas and filling in missing details from other similar reference photos. For examples of our work and the techniques we use, see how we restore water damaged photos.

Flaked emulsion

Old board-based photos are very sensitive to moisture damage. If exposed to water then left to dry out completely, the emulsion or surface of the photo can simply flake off. Fortunately, this type of damage can be repaired. For more details, see restore flaked emulsion.

Light leakage

Film negatives can be severely damaged if light leaks into the camera or if exposed to light before they are developed. This type of damage can be tricky to repair, and sometimes unrecoverable, but we’ve been known to work wonders, such as this severe case of light leakage, so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need help restoring this type of issue.

Tape marks

Sellotape seemed like a miracle invention for sticking a photo back together. However, with time, the tape can dry out, leaving crackly, brittle, yellow-brown sellophane on your photos. The tape can also cause damage to the underlying photographic emulsion. These issues can usually be fixed with a variety of restoration techniques.


“Silvering” is where the silver nitrate contained in the chemicals used to develop very old black and white images shows on the surface of dark areas as a shiny blue tint, sometimes obscuring the details. This can be fixed in most cases.


Faces sometimes need retouching in both old photos and new. With old photos, paper grain, staining or other marks can easily ruin a face. With new photos, blemishes, shadows or wrinkles can detract from the intended result. Thankfully, with some careful retouching and skin smoothing, many of these issues can be fixed. See some examples of our work removing blemishes.

Missing fragments

Missing pieces of a photo can often be restored, either by painstakingly recreating missing elements from scratch, or by cloning and rebuilding detail from existing areas of the photo, or a similar photo. Either way, this type of restoration requires time and skill to achieve good results. 

Adding colour

In addition to restoring faded colour photos, we can incorporate colours into old black and white photos. When done properly, this can bring old black and white photos to life by recreating the hues present in the original scene but which could not be captured by the photographic process of the time.  See our recolouring pages for more information and examples of our work.

Removing colour

Converting colour photos to black and white can help correct stains or to remove sepia or silver tinting that can occur over time. It can also be used for artistic effect or as an intermediary step when restoring badly faded colour photos, prior to recolouring.

Faded colours

A badly faded photo can be restored by painting in shadows and highlights to increase contrast in the image. This can be a challenging and time-consuming process, but extremely rewarding when done properly. In extreme cases, images must first be restored to a good black and white image and then recoloured.

Photo montage

When it comes to photo-montage (the combining of two or more separate images to form one), the only limit is your imagination! With skill, practice, and careful consideration of light, shade, colour and grain matching, we can achieve some quite remarkable results. 

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Hi, I'm Neil

Photo restoration artist and founder of Image Restore

I contacted Neil and explained that I had one photo that had been badly damaged by the sun plus three other photos of great sentimental value that needed restoring. All had been taken between 55 and 30 years ago. Initially he didn’t think he could restore the most damaged photo but on reflection he decided he would try and it turned out really well! It cost me a bit more but that reflected his skill. The whole process was painless and I would highly recommend Neil to anyone who needed to preserve or improve much loved photos.

Karine Luckraft
21st December 2020 – FreeIndex

Very pleased with the service. The photo looks great and it was all done within a day. Can’t complain about the price – very reasonable. I will definitely use again.

Colum Leahy
20th December 2020 – Trustpilot

Excellent customer service. Because the website explained clearly what is possible at what price point it was a easy decision to trust an old family picture for restoration. Also was pleasantly surprised of how quickly received the picture back..

Arta Kurgane
19th December 2020 – Trustpilot

Neil restored and colourised an old photo with some light ingress, The men were all in navy uniform so a lot of navy blue but it was the only photo of my dad’s brother as he was lost at sea. Brilliant job Neil. Off to The Repair Shop with you.

14th December 2020 – Trustpilot

Fantastic service from start to Finnish, and the restored photo is amazing, it will make make my wife cry when she see,s the finished photograph on Christmas day,thank you again neil.

James O’Donnell
13th December 2020 – FreeIndex

Neil colourised and enlarged a precious family photo of my late.
Mother and auntie as little girls for a birthday gift. The professional advice given was second to none to ensure the best quality print possible. The service was efficient and personalised and the quality of the image brought a tear to my eye and a smile to my face. Highly recommended and would definitely use this service again!

Lindsey Bennett
12th December 2020 – FreeIndex

Neil was asked to restore a 100 year old, badly damaged photo. I had little hope of a reasonable image. What Neil produced was absolutely amazing. He spent loads of time discussing the options with me and making sure I was satisfied with the end product. I will use Image-Restore again and highly recommend it to others.

7th December 2020 – TrustPilot

Absolutely first class service and speedy turnaround. I can’t believe how well Neil restored an image for me. Cannot recommend highly enough.

Sharon Schofield
5th December 2020 – TrustPilot

Absolutely incredible work. I’ve been bowled over by the quality and speed of Neil’s work and I’m so grateful. I cannot recommend Image Restore enough and I’m already looking for more photos to send over. Absolutely a pleasure to work with Neil, thank you again!

Elisha Guy
5th December 2020 – TrustPilot

Great service and extremely responsive. Sent my query and had the final product within a couple of hours. Would recommend.

Luke Fonseca
2nd December 2020 – TrustPilot

Many thanks Neil, for producing a high quality photo, a very special photo actually, from the print I provided. The end result is very impressive. Excellent service provided from start to finish, thank you!

Sheylien P Wheatley
30th November 2020 – TrustPilot

Well I cant say anything other than Excellent.

I had 2 old pictures 1 was my mum and 1 was my dad, so I enlarged them to frame, but mums one had a big crease on it which looked awful. So I searched the web and found Neil, I sent him a picture in the post as I don’t have a scanner, when the picture of my mum came back it was brilliant, so much so that I now have sent dads picture for Neil as his looked awful against the magic of Neil’s work on mums.

Defiantly recommend him.

Margaret H
28th November 2020 – TrustPilot

Needed to find a way of restoring a couple of my partners old photos.
Discovered Neil’s service and made contact. From then on he provided an excellent service both in explaining why one of the photos was beyond the level of quality he would normally achieve and then providing a superb result in both black and white and colour with the other. Could not be happier with the result. Will use again when the need arises.
Highly recommended

Bruce Taylor
27th November 2020 – TrustPilot

I was looking for a professional service for the restoration of some family photos and this is what I got with Neil Rhodes at Image Restore. He took the time to communicate the best way to digitally deliver the images on my ancient scanner, explained the processes involved and answered all my questions and concerns before hand. The quality of the resulting restoration was proof I had made the right choice. I would highly recommend his services and wouldn’t hesitate to use him again.

Julian Vaughan
24th November 2020 – TrustPilot

Such impeccable service. Neil restored a photo of my mother and father from the early seventies that was completely ruined and stuck to a glass. He revived a photo that holds such sentimental value to our entire family. I am so very grateful. THANK YOU

Lilian N
23rd November 2020 – TrustPilot

The service I received was fantastic. Job done and got it back the same evening. I had come across a photo of my grand parents (I’m 61) and the photo was over 100 years old. It looks fab. I’m so happy with the result. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend . They are going straight in my contacts.
The job was very much appreciated.

14th November 2020 – TrustPilot

I had an early 60’s b&w photo of my Mum & Dad given to me, it was badly creased, yellowing and had other people in the shot at a formal dinner, but a smashing smiley pic of the two of them…Neil worked his magic, removed unwanted guests, all the creases, sharpened the image and I now have the most wonderful precious print to frame which will be placed in prime position, also ordered extra prints for family. Very highly recommended and extremely friendly to deal with. A*.

Alison H
11th November 2020 – TrustPilot

I sent Neil a 100 year old photo which was very badly creased, faded and extremely dark. He has done an excellent job very quickly. I am delighted with the prints.

Catherine Ask
10th November 2020 – TrustPilot

I received a few quotes and went with Neil because although he wasn’t the cheapest, his knowledge was obvious and I do not believe I would have received such good quality from elsewhere. The photo I gave him was a print and was torn, damp and stained and he returned it looking like new. Amazing service and a nice person too, would highly recommend.

Alasdair Thornton
31st October 2020 – FreeIndex

If only everything was this easy, we sent Neil a picture from the 1950s and described the changes we wanted to remove some stains. Hey Presto it came back looking better than ever. Would have no hesitation in recommending his services

Alasdair Thornton
29th October 2020 – TrustPilot

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