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Illustrating a book? Preparing a history exhibit? Restoring your family archive? We can help!

With our photo restoration services, we can digitally repair and restore your torn, damaged or faded photos, preserving them for future generations to enjoy.

Breathe new life into your old black and white prints with our photo colourizing service. We digitally apply historically accurate hues and tones to produce natural-looking results. 

Remove unwanted distractions and blemishes, combine elements from different scenes, or replace backgrounds. When it comes to photo retouching, the only limit is your imagination!

Think your photos are beyond repair? Think again!

Never throw away your cherished photographic memories without speaking to us first! We can digitally repair many types of damage and restore your photos to their original condition.

Creases & tears

We can restore most creased or folded images to their original condition. Even photos that have been completely torn or shredded can usually be put back together. For more details, see Restoring creases and folds with photo restoration.

Water damage

Water damaged photos can be repaired by reconstructing stained areas and filling in missing details from other similar reference photos. For examples of our work and the techniques we use, see how we restore water damaged photos.

Flaked emulsion

Old board-based photos are very sensitive to moisture damage. If exposed to water then left to dry out completely, the emulsion or surface of the photo can simply flake off. Fortunately, this type of damage can be repaired. For more details, see restore flaked emulsion.

Light leakage

Film negatives can be severely damaged if light leaks into the camera or if exposed to light before they are developed. This type of damage can be tricky to repair, and sometimes unrecoverable, but we’ve been known to work wonders, such as this severe case of light leakage, so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need help restoring this type of issue.

Tape marks

Sellotape seemed like a miracle invention for sticking a photo back together. However, with time, the tape can dry out, leaving crackly, brittle, yellow-brown sellophane on your photos. The tape can also cause damage to the underlying photographic emulsion. These issues can usually be fixed with a variety of restoration techniques.


“Silvering” is where the silver nitrate contained in the chemicals used to develop very old black and white images shows on the surface of dark areas as a shiny blue tint, sometimes obscuring the details. This can be fixed in most cases.


Faces sometimes need retouching in both old photos and new. With old photos, paper grain, staining or other marks can easily ruin a face. With new photos, blemishes, shadows or wrinkles can detract from the intended result. Thankfully, with some careful retouching and skin smoothing, many of these issues can be fixed. See some examples of our work removing blemishes.

Missing fragments

Missing pieces of a photo can often be restored, either by painstakingly recreating missing elements from scratch, or by cloning and rebuilding detail from existing areas of the photo, or a similar photo. Either way, this type of restoration requires time and skill to achieve good results. 

Adding colour

In addition to restoring faded colour photos, we can incorporate colours into old black and white photos. When done properly, this can bring old black and white photos to life by recreating the hues present in the original scene but which could not be captured by the photographic process of the time.  See our recolouring pages for more information and examples of our work.

Removing colour

Converting colour photos to black and white can help correct stains or to remove sepia or silver tinting that can occur over time. It can also be used for artistic effect or as an intermediary step when restoring badly faded colour photos, prior to recolouring.

Faded colours

A badly faded photo can be restored by painting in shadows and highlights to increase contrast in the image. This can be a challenging and time-consuming process, but extremely rewarding when done properly. In extreme cases, images must first be restored to a good black and white image and then recoloured.

Photo montage

When it comes to photo-montage (the combining of two or more separate images to form one), the only limit is your imagination! With skill, practice, and careful consideration of light, shade, colour and grain matching, we can achieve some quite remarkable results. 

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Over 900 positive customer reviews speak for themselves!

I was extremely pleased on receiving my black and white photos which had been brightened up with much greater definition. One original photo was a 1943 snap measuring just 2 inches by 3 inches approx.; Neil turned it out wonderfully well and it has been blown up to a 6×4 inches size with great clarity. But it was not just the quality of the work; Neil provides an outstanding communication service, listening and checking what specifically is required, and then advising what is to be done, clearly and efficiently.

William Rhodes
22nd March 2020

A genius. Restored a copy of a 1915 original photograph, producing an excellent image of one person from the group on an new background.

Robin Harrod
21th March 2020

I am delighted with Neil’s work on a treasured but sadly extremely damaged colour photograph. I cannot recommend Neil Rhodes highly enough. I was sceptical that anyone would be able to bring new life into the image but Neil assured me that he was able to scan the photo without removing it from its glass mount and frame which would have damaged it even further. Neil worked quickly and let me see proofs by email and was happy to make minor adjustments as I suggested. The resulting image is, honestly, absolutely perfect. Well worth the money and effort. Thank you Neil.

Jayne Halfhide
15th March 2020

We have used Neil’s services many times now and every time our valuable old photos are treated with total safety and the results are breath-taking. He has never let us down! Crumbled old black and white photos become beautiful again, ancient photos become clear and fading old polaroids suddenly return to clarity. Can’t be more pleased.

J Gardinder
23th February 2020

I was very impressed with the service I received from my initial enquiry to the receipt of my restored photograph. Neil managed to restore a battered photo of my friend taken in 1972 that travelled around Europe for 30 years and many house moves since. Not having seen the photo since it was taken all those years ago, my friend was absolutely thrilled to receive the restored copy as a surprise for her big birthday. She said it brought back many happy memories of times gone by. Thank you Neil.

Jacqueline Richards
11th February 2020

I am so pleased with how Image Restore has managed to restore photographs of my long-departed father and also my mother, including two black and white ones taken in the 1950s. The service is highly professional in all respects, including communication and speed of delivery and I would not hesitate to recommend Image Restore to anyone.

Sarah Batten
21st January 2020

Very professional service. Neil communicates with his customers so they know exactly what he is doing. I gave Neil an old wedding photo which the colour had faded from it. Neil scanned it worked his magic and 24 hours later e-mailed a proof through. The proof was a transformation off the faded picture into what the original was when taken.
Excellent service. Very quick turnaround, great quality and not expensive. Would definitely use the service again.

Peter B Holland
6th January 2020

Very professional service. Neil communicates with his customers so they know exactly what he is doing. I sent Neil an old photo of my eldest sister, photo is 60 years old and part of her face is missing. I emailed another photo and Neil has managed to restore the rest of her face. I am very impressed with the finished product. [ a great service and reasonable price. Thanks Neil.

Lee Shaw
1st January 2020

I sent Neil a very small black and white photograph of my mam and dad’s wedding day in 1954 (approx 3″ x 2″). It is the only photograph that remains in our possession. Neil managed to restore, enlarge and colour the picture to an excellent standard, you could swear the photograph was taken yesterday! I cannot recommend Neil enough, absolutely excellent.

Angela Webb
23rd December 2019

Excellent service. Very quick turnaround, great quality and not expensive. Would definitely use again

Mark C
8th December 2019

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