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Neil Rhodes - A Photo Restoration Artist and Photo Retoucher

Neil Rhodes – A Photo Restoration Artist and Photo Retoucher

Neil Rhodes is a Professional Retoucher

Connect with me on Google+ at +Neil Rhodes


Restoring photos from your family tree, helping Historians and Genealogists recreate the past. Photo Restoration is his passion but his photo retouching skills don’t end there.

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Bragging rights

Been on TV and in Digital Photographer Magazine as a recommended expert in Photo Restoration and on the BBC National Radio. Recently become a Author providing Photo Restoration courses.


Neil Rhodes has a BA (hons) Photography from Farnham Arts Institute in 1993 but considers himself to be self-taught in technical aspects of photography and Photoshop and photo restoration.

Actively contributing towards the Genealogy networks, restoring the photographic records of family trees throughout the UK, photo restoration is a true passion. Neil’s interests involve photographing insects and keeping up to date with technology and constantly developing his Photoshop skills.

He is a photo restoration artist preserving moments in history, a photo retoucher and an image wizard, an overall well-rounded imaging professional.