A red book holding a historically significant image.

Panorama de Constantinople pris de la Tour de Galata

Inside this original red book are 10 separate images. “A magnificent panorama of nearly 360 degrees, taken from the Galata Tower at the turn of the twentieth century. The photographer takes the viewer on a journey across Istanbul from the centre of Pera . Down to the Bosphorous as far as the Sea of Marmara, and then up the Golden Horn to the shipyards at Kasimpasa and Taskizak.  And back to Pera. As one would expect from an image primarily produced for the wealthy tourist the majority of the city’s famous sites are visible: the Topkapi Palace, the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, the Aquaduct of Valens, and both the Beyazit and Maiden’s Towers, with the fine Admiralty building by the dockyards. The Golden Horn provides a very evocative scene with a mix of steamships, coastal sailing vessels and small boats all gathered together on the shores. **”

My client asked me to restore the images and stitch them together and colour the whole scene!

The making of the Panorama de Constantinople pris de la Tour de Galata Restored, Sticthed and Colourised

The full resolution unstitched image can be found around the web. On this occasion, we had a copy of the book and was scanned to my specifications. The final image is over 80,000 pixels wide.

Now after 140 years since conception, it’s ready!. When the skilled photographers, Sébah & Joaillier created the image there were no tools to seamlessly stitch it together.

I’ve painstakingly reconstructed the perspective and the buildings and delicately laced them together. With the cleaned and stitched image, I recoloured the whole scene using references to all the landmarks, to ensure there are historically correct.

I hope you enjoy the panorama and please share to help others see this epic work of art 🙂 Thank you!

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