Magazine cover photo restoration

Magazine cover photo restoration Unusual magazine cover photo restoration. How was it restored? This magazine cover photo restoration project was emailed to me. It was from a customer of mine and featured her parents in their early 20’s. It was a mock studio magazine cover. As you can see water...

Sun faded photo restoration

Sun faded photo restoration Do you have sun faded photos in need of restoration? beach photos? or holiday photos? It can be distressing to see them fade away. Left in the sun on mantelpiece those damaging UV rays can eat away at the dyes in the image causing fading.  You can get your sun faded...

Wixon family 1908 restored

Wixon family 1908 restored . The Wixon family in 1908, Mr Arthur Wixon and his wife Mrs Alice Wixon are shown below in a damaged photo. The oldest daughter’s in the photo was also called Alice. . Large families were common and the Wixon’s would go on to have 15. Sadly two died...