Looking at restored old photos can help with pain and migraine say, scientists.

Nostalgia triggers a reduction of activity in the pain control centre of the brain!

restored old photos can help with pain

Looking at memories from your childhood have health benefits and can help with pain.


Feeling nostalgic and leafing through old photo albums is good for you. Scientists who published in the Journal of Neuroscience have made a strong link between nostalgia and pain relief.

 We hear in the news all the time about self-care and how very important mental health is. The power of emotion has been known for decades. A positive mood and cheerful demeanour can lead to a healthy life, staying positive has health benefits. To help us stay positive and happy and in less pain, all it takes is to pull out an old album and look back on happy memories of our childhood. 

 Our most prized photos tend to be our most happy memories. To ensure we get the most benefit from our old photos, it helps if they look new and fresh. This is where photo restoration becomes essential in keeping our old photo memories alive. Photo restoration goes hand in hand with our health! Photo restoration is not just about restoring an old photo, the photo is a memory and that memory makes us feel good, which in turn is good for our mental health.

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Restored album page triggers pain relief

Restored album page triggers pain relief

Science proves looking at old photos reduces pain

“Researchers recruited 34 people who were hooked up to a machine that exposed them to increasing levels of heat. Half of the group were shown nostalgic images, while the others were shown pictures from modern life. When exposed to lower heat temperatures, those who looked at modern pictures self-reported a pain score of 4.2, while those who looked at memory-inducing images rated their pain at 3.8 — a 9.5 per cent drop.” – Dailymail

MRI machines were used to determine that the photos triggered the brain to deal with pain better. When looking at childhood photos the pain centre showed increased activity. This is great news for all of us. Free pain relief!

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