Scrapbooking, Genealogy, family trees and digging around for old photos is very much on the mind of many people today. There are many publications on the magazine shelves and several TV series to keep reminding us of how important our family histories are.

Smarten up your family tree with images

Smarten up your family tree with images

Making a family tree is not all about names it is about photos as well. The visual side of the ancestry helps with putting a face to the names. To help smarten up your family tree arrange your photos or portraits alongside the names on the tree, so when you can’t remember what great uncle Cartwright looked like, he is right there for you. Of course, don’t stick down the original photos get your photos copied and restored and a digital copy to make an online family tree for your relatives to share. Keep the original safe and sound away from sunlight and in a dry place.

TOP TIP: If you want to see great uncle Cartwright above the fireplace then have your original photo restored and reproduced, so you can display the reproductions around the house in prominent, well-lit places, will no fear of further fading and damage.

For tips on how to restore your photos, simply search the blog. Its vast content contains many tips and tricks, tutorial and videos.