Ypres Ambient Image

Ypres Ambient Image The 100th Anniversary of the 3rd Battle of Ypres also known as Passchendaele occurred in 2017. Every year on 11 of November we remember the end of the war and on the second Sunday, Remembrance Sunday we give thought to those who were lost in the conflict. This image...

Football boots of 1870-1910

Football boots of 1870-1910 Over recent years I have restored many football photos and the oldest of which captivate me. Not because I am a sports fan but because I enjoy the footwear and clothes. Football boots interest me in the way they change the design. Below are a few of the designs...

WW1 a glimpse into the past

WW1 a glimpse into the past . WW1 was a war with many battles over many countries. There are thousands of individual stories to be told. These are just a few images from one man’s story. . Mr Driver served in many campaigns during WW1 and climbed through the Military ranks, we know which...

Balliol Invicta Football Club 1910-1911

Balliol Invicta Football Club 1910-1911

Photo restored of Balliol Invicta Football Club 1910-1911 Division one Winners for Southwark and District. Amazing how these photos stand the testament of time and how we can compare the football kits from generation to generation, we can see here how they compare to Clapton Football Club.