Badly damaged sepia photo coloured

Badly damaged sepia photo coloured The process of restoring a badly damaged sepia photo to colour is a long one. This image presented some challenges to keep me busy for hours. The badly damaged photo A client contacted me with a very badly damaged photo. There was a figure in the background who had...

Old boxing photo recoloured

Old boxing photo recoloured Skin recolouring is not always easy. There are many subtle tones in human skin. There no Wikis for Old boxing photo recoloured but there is a Wiki description of Dave and his fighting style. “Charnley had a powerful build and large forearms and was often...

Old photos in colour

Old photos in colour . The school is out whether old photos in colour make them better or make them worse. It is my view the scene that would have been captured, would have been in colour, we didn’t live in black and white! So why not colour it? . This image is 5 Sailors dressed in...