Photoshop composite images

Photoshop composite images Here are two recent photoshop entry winners, photo restoration skills used once again but for photomontage art. Photoshop skills used here to enter another competition not for photo restoration but for montage art. The fly won 3rd place prize in pxleyes photoshop...

Photomontage week

Photomontage week I am calling this week, photomontage week., where I will post one montage a day for 6 days. All of these were entries into photoshop competitions. The first is a spider.   Created from a rock, a spider, somebody’s leg, a fly and sunset was added at the end....

Photoshop entries on

Photoshop entries on Sorry to everyone who has been following me on, their website has been down for the last week “under maintenance”, any links I have to them are broken. Hopefully, photoshoptalent will sort out this problem soon. If not I will upload all...