Photo restoration slide show

Photo restoration slide show Sometimes for first-time visitors, my photo restoration blog can be quite daunting. I have made a quick reference video of what I can do, so play the video below and in around a minute or two you’ll know what I’m about! Of course it is not all restorations...

Top Rated Photo Restoration Company

Top Rated Photo Restoration Company It is now 2020 and we continue to be the most independently reviewed photo restoration company on the business review index, We now have over 970 reviews. Year on year you produce quality well-written reviews. These are vetted and verified at the...

Unicycle record attempt circa 1909

Unicycle record attempt circa 1909 I wanted to share this fabulous photo with you all. A customer of mine sent it to me to be restored and what a fascinating restoration project, not much is known other than his record attempt was to ultimately end in tragedy! The caption in the photo reads “Mr....