Photo restoration editor’s pick

Photo restoration editor’s pick 5 popular and useful posts. My photo restoration blog is growing all the time and sometimes too much to read all at once, for convenience I have collated 5 popular and useful posts.    1: In digital photo restoration there are many tools an artist can use to help...

Retouching eyes tutorial

Retouching eyes tutorial Retouching eyes is a way to improve a portrait. This is a technique I picked up along the photo restoration and retouching road.   Above are some eyes from a portrait from Michael Herb at 204Studios. They have around studio flash reflected in them. Some say this...

Photo Restoration – Retouching Faces

Photo Restoration – Retouching Faces Photo retouching and retouching Faces, years taken off, digital plastic surgery, it is all possible but just how far do you go? Facial restorations involving removing wrinkles, reducing pores, retouching eyes, removing blemishes etc. should be done with discretion. It...