Removing paper texture tutorial

Removing paper texture tutorial Removing paper texture video course goes live on I am continuing to create new video tutorial courses of the way I do things and revealing industry techniques on how to restore old photos. “Many vintage photos were printed on textured,...

Photo Restoration Video 2011

Photo Restoration Video 2011 Some more challenging photo restorations of 2011, enjoy watching! Through 2011 it was a busy year for photo restorations fact year on year I take on more work. I have put together a few restorations in this visual montage. Starting with the daguerreotype, a cracked...

Photo restoration slide show

Photo restoration slide show Sometimes for first-time visitors, my photo restoration blog can be quite daunting. I have made a quick reference video of what I can do, so play the video below and in around a minute or two you’ll know what I’m about! Of course it is not all restorations...