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Colouring a black and white photo

Colouring a black and white photo can breath new life into your photos. If you wish to have your favorite old black & white photo in colour? Get in touch to get some of the most realistic colourising on the web. Restoring faded colour in old photos can also be achieved like in the example of a wedding couple.

The process to colourise a black and white photo is to layer on digital colours building the correct hues and tones. As you can see from below it brings photos to life. Just let me know the major colours in the photo, such as hair and eyes and any memorable colours and i’ll do the rest. Don’t despair and don’t throw them away.

You can either scan and email the photo or drop it around by appointment or post

A heavily faded colour photo before restoration

Heavily Faded Colour - Before

Colouring a black and white photo

Heavily Faded Colour - After

See our colourising gallery below.

"Removal of one person and colouring the whole picture Excellently dealt with and excellent results".
  • 5 out of 5 - Pat Sutton