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Colouring black and white photos.

A showcase of colouring black and white images using photoshop. Old photos now re-imaged in colour, researched for accuracy and historically correct.

About Colourising Black and White

Your precious old black and white photo was only like that as no colour photography was around back then. What if you could have that old photo colourised with my colourising service?

To colourise a photo, layers of hues and colour shades are added to the image. This builds up the colouring and produce a photo that bursts into life. Do get in touch and see what colouring can do for you!

If you wanted to explore more options for colouring images you can see some of these photo with added sound over at my Behance colouring gallery or on the blog post describing the story behind these ambient images.

For more reading on colouring black and white images choose from the selection of blog posts below. For a new selection just refresh the page.

Colouring photos blog

Colouring tutorial part 2

Colourising or tinting an old photo – Part 2

This is the second part to colourising or tinting an old photo for part one see colourising or tinting an old photo – Part 1 With the colour swatches obtained in the previous part we can select a set of tones that will suit the skin of the figure we are working on. In this...

Colourising B&W blog

Digitally coloured historic image

Digitally coloured photos and some history

The internet is full of digitally coloured historic photos these days, like its a new trend! Adding colour to black and white photos has been around since photos were made. Changing it up to digital just makes the process easier and more precise. You may have seen WW1 photos in...

Recolouring old photos blog

Clara Barton 1865 colouring

Clarissa Harlow Barton 1865 in colour (Clara)

. I found this very high resolution image of Clara Barton and could not resist colouring it. I produced a quick illustration to show the colours I applied and what order. There are 3 shades of green in the dress to give it punch, 3 shades of brown in her hair, the clock also has...