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2018 Christmas Opening Times and order deadlines.

Open: 28th, 29th, 30th, 31st December (half day). Normal service will resume from the 2nd January on-wards.

Closed: – closed 23rd PM, 24th, 25th, 26th 27th December. Closed: January 1st

Prints by Post – 14th December.

Please ensure your photos are here by the 14th December.

The 14th of December is the last date for small postal restoration orders of 1 -3 images with printed copies or reprints. Multiple images or large jobs cannot be guaranteed to be completed and printed for Christmas. The quote must be approved and payment must be made when the invoice is issued, if not your prints cannot be ordered and you will miss the Christmas deadline and your order may not arrive in time.

We will endeavor to restore and invoice with 12 to 24 hours to ensure Christmas deadlines are met.

Any remaining orders before today 14th December . Every effort will be made to get your orders out on time, no guarantees can be made for exact delivery dates but we will ensure every effort is made so they will arrive before Christmas.

File orders only from now on – 14th December.

Digital Orders only – You send the file we restore and email back.

Slim chance you’ll get a print during this period so files are the safest bet. You can still order prints but they are not Guaranteed for Christmas.

You can still post your originals to us for scanning and we can still make a digital file ready for you to print. Your originals will be posted back to you and arrive according to the postage method you pay for. Special delivery is currently recommend, our charge £7.95

No prints from the 14th December???

Is there a way round this I really need pictures for Christmas?

Yes there is! Your restoration can be completed and emailed back to you. Take the digital file to the nearest same day processors, such a Boots or any fast, high street printers or photo point and get a print made. Your originals can be posted back and catch up with you later.

File only orders right up to – 22nd December.

22nd December Small restoration orders of digital files only. (no printing)
Right up to the mark. If you stay in touch, it can be done. Up to 12.00 noon