Combining images realistically

Combining images Combing images or photo-montage is the assemblance of separate images to form one. The imagination is the limit of Photo-montage. Where scale is involved as in this case, slight alterations to the bridge were needed to marry the two parts together, to...

Interior retouching

Interior retouching Interior retouching is similar in principal to property retouching  as in our previous blog post. The inside of buildings get retouched too! It is not just people that get retouched. . . Like de-cluttering the outside of the property its the inside in this example...

Restore or recreate the background don’t replace.

Restore or recreate the background don’t replace. . . When restoring a photo it’s often the background will be damaged. To keep the restore authentic, it’s best to restore the background rather than replace it. It would be very tempting to replace it as it would be the easy route. . I appreciate some...