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Scanning Services

Scanning Negatives, Slides, Mounted Slides, Plate film, Roll film, Photos

Scanning 35mm film or slides.


  • £1.25p per slide.
  • Optimized for 300PPI for 7×5″ print
  •  FARE Level 3 Dust, Scratch and Optimum Image Adjustment, Rotate and Crop
  • Images to disc
  • Scanning in specific order is not included


  • £1.65p per slide.
  • Optimized for 300PPI for 10×8″ print
  • (plus all as included in the 5×7 service)



Scanning 6×6 cm negative or slides or non 35mm.

  • 1200DPI £1.90
  • 2400DPI £2.80

Scanning special sizes please ask for a quote

Negative sizes


Scanning prints

Currently £1.65 per print. Large prints bigger than A3 please call.

*These services are additional to our restorations, therefore estimates will be given on time scale at the time of application. If you have any questions about these services please contact us.