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Terms and Conditions


Estimates for restorations can be given on receipt of the scanned* photograph. Low resolutions scans are acceptable for initial estimates (1Mb) but in some case, higher resolution scans may be requested. In the event of a particularly challenging restoration where timescales need to be extended, you will be notified by email and the options discussed. Quotes valid for 3 months.*If you wish to have a photo restored please email a high-resolution scan at least 3000 pixels on its longest size or a 4Mb low compression JPEG file. If you work in megapixels then 6 or more is preferred, See how to order


By agreeing for us to proceed with the work, it is seen a commitment between both parties. For us to provide a restored image and for the client to work with us, to bring the order to completion and payment. Not all images can be restored 100%. We will happily make numerous revisions to an image, to the original quote and within reason, and to a level of restoration that the image will allow. Any major reworking or complete reorganising of your image will be quoted for. Restorations are priced by the level of damage and fit into various grades. See pricing.


Print time scales: We post to you around 4-6 working days, from the time you have paid for your order.  For speed, you can opt to print yourself with a “digital only” order where you send in a scan to be restored.


Posting original photographs is ok, provided they are posted by Special Delivery Service by Royal Mail for the highest level of insurance and tracking should it get lost in the system. If your images are family heirlooms or treasured memories its best use the safest postal method. Use plenty of cardboard to stop the photos from bending and damage.

Please include an email address and phone number and your address and name in your package. We will post back via Royal Mail Special Delivery and the cost of this will be added to the restoration. We regret that In the eventuality that no restoration can be performed the returns cost must be paid.

Post to: Image-Restore 61 Waterside Close, Bordon, Hampshire, GU35 0HB

We regret we can only provide digital file only orders, for customers outside the UK


PayPal or bank transfer. Bank details are available on request. See how to pay. Payment is expected upon receipt of invoice. Placing an order with commits you to buy. Not having funds to pay the invoice is not acceptable, please ensure you have funds before considering an order. For non payers digital data will not be kept on archive. Cheques are not accepted – banks will never confirm that a cheque has cleared and that they can bounce at any time, this is no longer a reliable form of payment.


Images cannot be worked on that are protected by copyright laws. Any professionally taken photograph is under the photographer’s copyright and can only be reproduced with their permission for which they often require a fee. Illegal reproduction may result in legal action by the photographer. By submitting photographs to us for restoration or reproduction as photo gifts you affirm that no copyright is infringed. Image-restore will not be liable to you or any third party for such copyright infringement, even if that loss or damage was foreseeable by, or the possibility of it was brought to the attention of image-restore. You will be liable for any copyright claims that arise.

Privacy and images.

Details of customers are kept in strict confidence and are not sold on to third parties. By using Image-Restore you give us the right to use your images on the site for promotion material unless you notify us in writing. We value your privacy. No names will be used to retain your privacy. Images will be archived for 1 year in the event of a customer requiring further re-working or reprints. Should an image be required after this time period a retrieval fee will be charged.

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